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ME's first  oil and gas related project was the EPC of Fuel pipe line connecting Belawan Port to City of Medan in North Sumatera. This project was completed in 1977 at a time when Indonesia was still a net oil exporter country. EPC companies started to enjoy the bonanza of oil and gas boom sinceso many projects had been developed by the government. In up-stream side, there were plenty of new oil fields discovered by foreign production sharing contractors called for support from EPC companies in the development. In down stream side, new refineries, LNG plants, pipe lines were built in addition to the construction of new fuel distribution facilities.


This oil and gas boom lasted for only in 20 years, when financial crisis hits Indonesia in 1997 many projects were postponed or cancelled due to sharp decline in crude oil output. Combined with the continually increasing domestic demand, the oil production could no longer meet the demand. Consequently Indonesia had to import oil more than it can produce. Making Indonesia consequently net oil importing country.

Only recently has the Indonesian government realized that this situation couldnot be left unresolved in the years to come provoking the government to encourage new investment in oil and gas including up-stream and down-stream facilities. ME sees this as an opportunity to reinforce its lagging position behind its competitors by participating in new tenders launched by the government and oil & gas players.  


Arm with rich experiences and aggressive pricing, ME is very optimistic of the change of winning. 


ME's major achievement in oil and gas projects are as follows : 


a. EPC of Rewulu-Teras 65 km 12" pipe line and Transit Terminal in Teras Central Java. This project is implemented to transfer fuel (Kerosene, Diesel, and Premium) from Cilacap Refinery to Surakarta for distribution. Single contract with total project cost of US $ 50 million completed in 2007. The project owner is Pertamina. 


b. EPC of 110 ton/hour capacity Package Boiler and BOP in Cilacap Refinery is inteded to revamp the revinery production. Single contract with total project cost of US $     million completed in 2007. The project owner is Pertamina. 


c. EPC of Sand Removal facilities at Central Gathering Station Area-5 Duri Field Services, Riau. ME's scope was to complete and commission the facilities. Single contract with total project cost of over US $ 60 million completed in 2002. Project owner is Chevron Pacific Indonesia. 


d. EPC of Teluk Kabung Transit Fuel Terminal including Jetty in West Sumatera. Single Contract with total cost of US $ 40 million completed in 1994. The project owner is Pertamina. 


e. EPC of Cilacap Refinery. ME in joint venture with PT. Hutama Karya and PT. BBI had teamed up with strategic partner of USA to design, procure and build a refinery in Cilacap. The project owner is Pertamina. It is funded by US Exim and Japan Exim. 


f. Construction (C) of 60 km 42" gas pipe line connecting Badak Field to Bontang LNG Plant in East Kalimantan. Single contract with total project cost of US $ 18 million in 1983. The project owner is Pertamina.